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Wi-Fi Project – Planned Server Upgrade at Hawkshead

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Wi-Fi Project – Planned Server Upgrade at Hawkshead
by Prescott Rhiannon - Friday, 8 December 2017, 11:32 AM

The project to improve the College’s wireless infrastructure has been underway for the last couple of months and we have made some very good progress where the new hardware have seamlessly been installed across both campuses and the farm.

This weekend (Saturday 9th December from 7.30am), we have scheduled the upgrade of the servers that authenticate users on the wireless network at Hawkshead.
Please kindly note that this work was successfully completed at the Camden site on the 18th November.
The servers upgrade may cause momentary wireless outage, the wireless connection should automatically re-connect after any disruption. If you experience any connectivity issues, it is advised that you turn off/on Wi-Fi on your device and if you are using Skype for Business application, please ensure you relaunch the application on your device to ensure it is fully operational.  
If  you have an Apple device such as a MacBook or iPhone, and you encounter persistent failure to reconnect to the Eduroam Wi-Fi network, please follow the guide HERE to reconnect your device to Wi-Fi.