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Bogus email in circulation

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Bogus email in circulation
by Spark Alistair - Tuesday, 20 March 2018, 1:51 PM

We have been alerted that there is currently a bogus email in circulation attempting to persuade RVC users to open a malicious attachment. Please be cautious when opening unexpected attachments as this particular email appears genuine and to have originated from a legitimate RVC user mailbox.

Please beware and discard the email immediately should you happen to receive it. If you have inadvertently opened this email and responded to it, please let the IT Helpdesk know as soon as possible.

Phishing and email scams have become more sophisticated so extra care needs to be exercised when responding to emails, clicking on hyperlinks and opening attachments. Evidently, these malicious emails are very convincing and may even appear to have been sent from an @rvc.ac.uk address, and may present you with web pages which look identical to an RVC resource.


Please note that as per the RVC IT Department’s policy, login credentials and passwords are never to be revealed or shared with anyone.