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Wi-Fi Workshops

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Wi-Fi Workshops
by Prescott Rhiannon - Monday, 5 March 2018, 10:32 AM

In response to feedback from students regarding Wi-Fi problems (particularly on Apple/Mac devices), IT are inviting you to  drop in sessions for assistance  on an individual basis. Please come along with your device so that we can assist you with any Wi-Fi Issues, no need to book, just turn up at the following times:
Hawkshead sessions
all in  Conference Suite Room 3, 11.30am-13.30pm:
Tues 6th March, Thurs 8th March and Friday 9th March 
Camden sessions
 11.30 am - 13.30pm:
Mon 12th March and Wed 14th March in Hobday F4
Friday 16th March in Hobday F7/F8