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  • What is Smarthinking?

    Smarthinking is a 24/7, online student writing service which gives students anytime, anywhere access to expert help to improve their academic writing skills. The network of writing tutors are educated to MA or PhD level and work around the world so that they can respond anytime. Smarthinking is available free of charge for all RVC students and can be accessed from your course page or from the Study Skills area. Getting started is easy - see below.

     Students can access 24/7 help in two ways:

    1) Students can upload a piece of writing of any length (ideally no more than 3,000 words) on any topic. The work is then reviewed by an expert tutor and the student is provided with a marked-up file of their original work.

    2) Alternatively, students can choose to have a live, 1:1 discussion with a tutor about their writing using an interactive whiteboard.

    Where to access Smarthinking?

    You can access Smarthinking by clicking on the "Launch Smarthinking" link found within your course page on Learn and using your RVC login details.

  • Overview

    Why use online tutoring?

    Proven to have a positive effect on student success, the Smarthinking online writing support gives you the help you need, whenever you need it, 24/7. The video below gives an overview of the Smarthinking tutoring:

  • Overview

    How to get started:

    Access the "Launch Smarthinking support" link found within your course page on Learn to begin using the service. Upon first access you will be provided with a token which you should note down if you wish to use the Smarthinking App on your mobile device (available from AppStore and GooglePlay). 

    If you have trouble accessing the service, click back to the course page where you will find a link to the Smarthinking support. Alternatively, please raise a ticket using the Service Desk Portal.

    For more info on how to use Smarthinking, please explore some of the videos below:

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