LinkedIn Learning logo
LinkedIn welcome screen asking user to enter their work email address

1: Visit LinkedIn Learning

Go to: and enter your RVC email address.

Microsoft login window prompting users to enter their work email, phone or Skype account

2: Use your RVC email address again to log in

Enter with your RVC email address on the Microsoft sign-in screen.

RVC login window prompting users to log in with their RVC email address along with the associated password

3: Log in with your RVC account

Use your RVC login details and continue.

LinkedIn window asking the user whether to connect with their LinkedIn account when accessing LinkedIn Learn

4: Sign up or log in in with your LinkedIn account

The "Join now" link can be found at the bottom for new users. You will be prompted to enter your job title should you sign up as a new user.

LinkedIn window prompting the user to select from a list of learning topics including the option to search

5: Select the skills from the list and then click Continue

And you're in! Enjoy LinkedIn Learning!

If you have any diffiiculty accessing LinkedIn Learning, email

Last modified: Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 12:01 PM